Experience one (1) private session on a specific topic or life area that you would like to transform.

These sessions are available either in person in my location, via the phone or on Skype.

The private session is approximately 75 minutes and includes a brief discussion about:
  • Your specific area to move ahead with and
  • Your idea of what you would rather experience in order to StartUp and get moving

Then, I will guide you through the PSYCH-K® transformation process starting with a brief explanation of the steps.

The flow and specifics of the session are customized to each individual based on:
  • Conscious discussion of the specific focus area
  • Subconscious choice(s)
  • Superconscious permission and guidance

You are responsible for committing to taking action to support the new subconscious beliefs and for observing what you notice as different as a result of the session.

In working with me, you
benefit from over 20 years of my experience with private sessions. Through laser questions and inspired inquiry, we will accelerate the process of defining the current situation, establishing the desired outcome, and integrating the changes for lasting transformation.

StartUp topics can range from:
  • Avoidance of a situation
  • Acceptance of changes
  • Expand spiritual connection
  • Freedom from fears
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Reduce health concerns
  • Resolve relationship difficulties
  • And other focus areas that are either limiting Your Greatness or you want to enhance and expand Your Greatness

StartUp Experiences:

In person:

After attending a fabulous business conference in NYC, I was sitting at an outside cafe with several other people. After sharing and exploring various future goals, one person expressed that she was feeling resistance as she imagined the possibility of actually having success with her idea. I asked if she would like to explore transforming that resistance within a few minutes. She agreed and we began the process. Within about 5 minutes, she confirmed that the resistance was completely gone. She shared that as a long time meditator and being very aware of her physical and emotional body, she knew that this was greater than her mind changing ... she said "My whole being has changed."

This is a simple yet profound example of PSYCH-K and the shift is long-term for her.
(And checking in with her 6 months later, she confirmed it has been significant change and a lasting transformation.)

Although this was in person, the same process can be offered via Skype or phone.

Via Skype:

Client in Africa shared that she was experiencing horrific hot flashes multiple times during the day which had been occurring for more than 10 years. We discussed possible beliefs that would impact her physical body reaction and then I guided her through transforming the beliefs. She shared that within a few hours she noticed a difference and 4 days later confirmed that the hot flashes were significantly reduced although not completely gone. The reduction has maintained for the last several months. Although additional balancing could likely eliminate them totally, she has opted to continue with private session but is focusing with other critical areas since she said she can deal with the minimal hot flashes now. And, once the other critical areas are transformed, we agreed to come back to the hot flashes.

One of the initial challenges for experiencing a Private Session is the Myth that it is hard, difficult and takes a long time to change beliefs. That is false — when you use the proven process of PSYCH-K®.

Contact me to get started with a StartUp session and experience the difference in your life and the ease that you can Live Your Greatness.