Move Forward

Experience the Move Forward Program to focus with various life areas that you would like to transform in an accelerated way with sustainable results.

Move Forward Program is available with 5 hours of sessions scheduled over a 90 day period.

These sessions are available either in person in my location, via the phone or on Skype.

Each private session is approximately 50 minutes and includes a brief discussion about:
  • Your identified focus for that session and
  • Your idea of what you would rather experience about your focus area

In the first session, I will guide you through the PSYCH-K® transformation process starting with a brief explanation of the steps.
In each subsequent session, we will continue with any area from a previous session or start a new focus area.

The flow and specifics of the session are customized to each individual based on:
  • Conscious discussion of the specific focus area
  • Subconscious choice(s)
  • Superconscious permission and guidance

The Move Forward Program sessions can be scheduled as an individual 50 min session or combined for a longer session.

You are responsible for committing to taking action to support the new subconscious beliefs and for observing what you notice as different as a result of the session.

In working with me, you
benefit from over 20 years of my experience with private sessions. Through laser questions and inspired inquiry, we will accelerate the process of defining the current situation, establishing the desired outcome, and integrating the changes for lasting transformation.

Move Forward Focus areas can range from:
  • Avoidance of a situation
  • Acceptance of changes
  • Expand spiritual connection
  • Freedom from fears
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Reduce health concerns
  • Resolve relationship difficulties
  • And other focus areas that are either limiting Your Greatness or you want to enhance and expand Your Greatness

In addition to the focus areas that you identify, during a Move Forward program, we will have the opportunity to integrate some
specialized offerings:
  • Core Belief Balance
  • Optimal Health Balance
  • Life Bonding Balance
  • Relationship Balance

One of the initial challenges for experiencing a Private Session is the Myth that it is hard, difficult and takes a long time to change beliefs. That is false — when you use the proven process of PSYCH-K®.

Contact me to get started with your Move Forward program and experience the difference in your life and the ease that you can Live Your Greatness.