PSYCH-K® Workshops

“I must be willing to give up what I am
in order to become what I will be.”

— Albert Einstein

PSYCH-K® Basic: “Value is more than any other workshop”:

Learn these
simple yet powerful processes of change by attending a workshop. You can immediately use for yourself as well as use in private sessions with others.

These are the workshops available:

PSYCH-K® Basic workshop provides the foundational basis for PSYCH-K® as well as two change processes called Balances and subconscious goal setting process called VAK to the Future.

PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration workshop builds on the Basic workshop by expanding the applications of PSYCH-K® through additional transformational balancing processes.

PSYCH-K® Pro workshop is open to anyone who has previously attended the Basic workshop and focuses with enhancing your facilitation approach as well as get some expanded ideas about how to market yourself as a PSYCH-K® facilitator.

PSYCH-K® Divine Integration Retreat is open to anyone who has previously attended both the Basic and Advanced workshops.
The singular purpose of this Retreat is to provide participants with both recognition, and a direct experience of, the Divine. It is inclusive of all religious and spiritual orientations. The Retreat provides an opportunity to identify and change any limiting beliefs about one's divinity.

PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing Program is open to anyone who has previously attended both the Basic and Advanced workshops. This program is designed to develop one’s ability to address the underlying beliefs that limit wellness or impair healing — that is, to go to the source of the problem rather than remain at the level of the symptom.

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PSYCH-K® Doubter becomes Believer:

Here is a letter from a medical doctor about his experience attending the workshops:

“The PSYCH-K® seminars (both Basic and Advanced) were absolutely the best seminars that I have been privileged to attend. The information is extremely important and relevant not only to practitioners like myself who work with many patients but also for the practitioners personally who should certainly use the info to re-evaluate their own belief systems.

PSYCH-K deals with one’s inner subconscious opposition to achieving goals as well as reaching a state of emotional harmony and renewing meaningful relationships. The method used is worked out to the fullest detail and is thus easily accepted and understood.

I was especially impressed with Robin Graham’s high quality of teaching abilities. It was very evident that she genuinely loves to teach and her compassion and love came through from her very heart. Her particular technique embodied all the various details and logical/structural format of the material, never losing sight of the “bigger picture”. She knew exactly when and how often to repeat important facts, underlying the basic points to remember. She patiently corrected students’ mistakes and allowed for individual time and attention for each student, making sure they fully grasped the information. The end result guaranteed that each and every participant was fully capable of successfully using PSYCH-K with patients and themselves. Robin Graham freely gave many examples of how PSYCH-K drastically changed people’s lives. Yet she never attributed credit to herself… only to the incredible techniques that she taught so competently.

Personally, these seminars were not only teachings of the PSYCH-K techniques, but an amazing example of how to actually teach others in such a way that is truly effective. I am forever grateful to Robin for her time and effort to professionally teach PSYCH-K. I would highly recommend her seminars to anyone and everyone!”

Dr. Volodymyr Buhayenko, Ph.D. (Medicine), L.Ac., N.D., D.Ay.