What Others Say:

“My partner and I attended a seminar at a local Chiropractic College in South Carolina a while back and Bruce Lipton was the keynote speaker. When we had a chance to chat with Bruce we mentioned our interest in learning PSYCH-K, which he recommends in his book, “The Biology of Belief”. He then stepped closer to me and said, “If you are going to learn PSYCH-K, I suggest you take it from Robin Graham. She really is a great instructor.” I’m happy to say we listened to Bruce’s advice and we took her next class in Brooklyn, New York. We went onto take the Advanced PSYCH-K class with her also. And have sponsored her several times. Now, we can highly recommend Robin from our own personal experience. She really IS a great instructor.”
Michael Love, MA

Gratitude for PSYCH-K®:

About Robin’s Instruction style:

“Authenticity, neutrality, warmth and ability to effectively field questions and offer helpful solutions to the learning process. Experienced Robin as a competent and ‘comfortable in her skin’ educator.” R.C., Massachusetts

“Thanks, Robin. The material is fabulous, and your approach to presenting it was perfect. The pace was just right, blending information and experience. Your balance between staying focused on the learning and giving participant opportunities to share and question and 'explain' was gracious and apparently effortless.” G.R, Texas

“I love Robin’s clarity and energy, which is light but focused. All in all, the teacher and the material exceeded my expectations. Robin’s mastery of the material and personality are perfectly matched for this. Pacing was excellent.”
T.L., New York

“I really enjoyed the way you taught, the new information I learned and the logical and easy manner you delivered the information.” J.L, Texas

“Very approachable. Instantly comfortable with her.”
E.B., Illinois

“Robin’s knowledge of and commitment to PSYCH-K are very apparent. Her no-nonsense style keeps discussions from getting too-far off topic.” B.C., North Carolina

“Patience, positive energy, faith in system, dedication to helping each student understand and learn properly.”
K.K., New Jersey

“Robin is the best Instructor I’ve ever had in any training I’ve ever done in my whole life (and I’ve had a lot!). And I’ve also been a professional instructor! She was perfect – very real, human as well as knowledgeable, compassionate, intuitive, and encouraging. She created an ideal learning environment.” S.P., Texas

“Robin's great personality and communication skills made this class totally engaging and enjoyable. The combination of organization, clear explanation, and delightful presence... She takes herself lightly while conveying the sacredness of the processes.” T.L., Life Coach, New York (after Advanced)

“I have attended many programs and workshops... I have never been taught by anyone so gracious, fully human, competent, or fully in service as Robin. Thank you.”
G.E., Healer, Practitioner, New Jersey

“Robin is very clear, warm and ‘professional’. Having been a seminar leader and trainer since 1986 and having participated in many metaphysical/spiritual workshops, seminars and intensives for last 30 years, I especially appreciate an organized, punctual workshop! Good work, Robin... Flexible, sensitive and on time.” S.P., Life Coach, Virginia

“Robin you teach just by breathing! The Advanced Integration workshop is one of the top 5 experiences of my life. My perspective has shifted tremendously. Thank you, Robin, for your beliefs and courage to share this magic. You are a gift to me and to the universe.” H.U., Massage Therapist, Virginia